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The source selection knob rotates among two tape loops, tuner, CD, VCR, two spares, and one labeled "Special"--the "Special" slot is where the phono inputs, if included, are located.
Small hand shapes were cut out, and a tape loop was placed on the back.
A Tape Loop makes it convenient to continually replay a marked selection or play a particular segment for multimedia or presentation.
For once there are no Norton Rockets accompanying ANDY JONES but instead a splendid piece of kit - a drum pad connected to a tape loop.
We see how Money, which resulted in the untold wealth it satirised, began as a home-made tape loop in Waters' shed.
The London geezer continued his labours yesterday, forced to listen to a tape loop of Kylie Minogue's I Should Be So Lucky.
Its strings, not terribly well recorded to begin with, sound like a Moog tape loop channeled through a storm drain.
Oppenheim's turn to the realm of sci-fl expands her range but also raises the distracting issue of whether the maze and tape loop have a merely illustrative relation to The Bridge, like an art-school book report.
Even the normally restrained Motty got in on the act and junked all journalistic notions of objectivity to put the "outrageous decision" line on an ever more irritating tape loop for the whole of extra-time.
Like another recent PBS documentary, ``Shattered Dreams of Peace,'' which examined the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the film at times feels like an endless tape loop of violence, negotiations and political posturing.
This is because I have my AudioControl Phase Coupled Activator (bass synthesizer) and my old dbx 4BX dynamic-range expander hooked into the DSP-A1's analog tape loop.
And when it happens to be a tape loop featuring an indigestibale mixture of crash-bang industrial tech no followed by the twang-dang-doodle twaddle nightmare that is Billie Jo Spears' Blanket On the Ground then enough was enough.