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TARE, weights. An allowance in the purchase and sale of merchandise, for the weight of the box, bag, or cask, or other thing, in which the goods are packed. It is also an allowance made for tiny defect, waste, or diminution in the weight, quality or quantity of goods. It differs from tret. (q.v.)

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I am travelling to Tarai with UNFPA team hoping, praying to be of some use in this crisis," wrote Koirala.
BADIN -- Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) Badin district, in an operation for recovery of outstanding dues has lodged FIRs against 35 defaults of Tarai town on Tuesday.
despite of the relief schemes announced by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) for borrowers affected due to the massive earthquakes in April and May and the Tarai unrest.
Oli, leader of the centre-left Communist Party of Nepal (UML), did win support in parliament from a group from the lowland Tarai region that had opposed the constitution.
De son cote, Mustapha Tarai, representant les militants du PPS de la region du Grand-Casablanca s'est attele dans son intervention sur le parcours politique du defunt et son engagement en faveur des causes de la classe des travailleurs et les categories sociales demunies.
While Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak, Pradeep Maharathy and Pushpendra Singh Deo have made a comeback into the ministry after having been dropped in the past following controversies, the biggest losers have been former minister Surya Narayan Patro, former Law Minister Maheshwar Mohanty, former Industries Minister Niranjan Pujari, former Steel And Mines Minister Rajani Kant Singh and former Commerce And Transport Minister Subrat Tarai.
A leaflet of a small underground armed outfit called All Tarai Liberation Front (Jay Krishna Goit Group) was found in the office compound after the blast, Ghimire said.
We covered complete landscape of Ganga, Yamuna, Chambal and Tarai regions.
At a time when we are going to hold general election, we need more security cooperation from the Indian side, particularly in the Tarai belt," said a Home Ministry official.
Wildlife experts are monitoring images from hundreds of cameras set up in protected areas of the Tarai Arc Landscape, a mainly forested area which stretches for some 950 kilometres (600 miles), in the four-month survey.
These masks are identified as being produced and used by the Rai, Limbu, Rajbamshi living in the Himalayas, the highlands and the Tarai (Himal, Pahad, Madesh).