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Social media will play a key role in addressing the target group for this campaign.
Target Group, whose HQ is in Cardiff, has experienced a significant increase in annual turnover, with revenues rising from pounds 11.
In addition to children aged 6 months to 17 years, other initial target groups included pregnant women, health care and emergency medical personal, adults aged 18-24 years, and adults 25-64 years with high-risk medical conditions.
The LV= deal is the latest in a series of contracts secured by Target Group.
Target Group launched another education-to-career program this year, Animate Illinois, brokering a partnership between CPS and professional animators in Chicago.
9) To create 8 new jobs - subsidized jobs and convey 8 vacancies, thereby contributing to increased employment target group.
Sub-objectives: Increase the specific qualifications of the target group of new knowledge about technologies and zastEivkoveho vehicle information system, departure control system in urban and suburban transport a system for the management of freight transport EMTRUCK, improve the skills of the target group of a general nature, ie.
The target group will be given an individual approach with regard to their specific needs, participants will also be provided counseling and educational services.
The target group of the report is primarily: CIO/IT managers, Outsourcing managers, CFOs, Purchase managers, Controllers, IT strategists, Consultants and CEOs.
Target group is located in the South district, mainly in the district of the city of Brno.
The target group of the report is primarily: CIO/IT managers, Information security managers, CFOs, Purchase managers, Outsourcing managers, Controllers, IT strategists, Consultants and CEOs.
16 people in the target group will be achieved even at 3 newly created jobs and 13 loose jobs.