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The list of items upon which a duty is imposed when they are imported into the United States, together with the rates at which such articles are taxed.

The term tariff is also used in reference to the actual custom or duty payable on such items.


Customs Duties; Import Quotas.


(Bill), noun account, itemized account, list, list of items, money's worth, quoted price, price list, scale of prices, table of charges


(Duties), noun assessment, duty, excise, levy, schedule of duties, tax
See also: duty, excise, fare, imposition, levy, tax


the level of punishment imposed or recommended for a criminal offence.

TARIFF. Customs, duties, toll. or tribute payable upon merchandise to the general government is called tariff; the rate of customs, &c. also bears this name and the list of articles liable to duties is also called the tariff.
     2. For the tariff of duties imposed on the importation of foreign merchandise into the United States.

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The National Tariff Commission has not supported the request of DSFI, for adequate tariff protection - as the Commission feels that the investment by DSF would be profitable at the current tariff structure (i.
Neary and Ruane (1988) examine the welfare losses from tariff protection in a small, open economy when some factors are internationally mobile.
Fishelson and Hillman |1979~ show that a domestic monopoly benefits from tariff protection that exceeds the prohibitive level since the tariff that yields full monopoly profit (and beyond which additional protection is redundant) may exceed the tariff that drives imports to zero.
Momentum has also undertaken an aggressive plan to file for tariff protection wherever available.
Apparently, there is no justification for providing tariff protection.
Tariff protection to the industry manufacturing Electrolytic Tinplate was also approved by the ECC, however, the Chairman directed the concerned officials of Ministry of Commerce to prepare a summary for strengthening the National Tariff Commission (NTC) and to decide the time of implementation of tariff protection to industry.
Which leaves tariff protection and those complicated sums.
The EU says the OECD has arrived at the figure by putting a monetary value on tariff protection and price differences between markets, and that actual subsidies are much lower.
convincing President Bush to keep steel import tariff protection in
At no time has there been disagreement over the element that suppliers from the Windwards, Suriname, Belize and others should not have tariff protection.
a) The present tariff protection to caustic soda industry should be maintained till the local manufacturers are able to establish their own chloralkali-based industries and streamline them on international pattern.