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The list of items upon which a duty is imposed when they are imported into the United States, together with the rates at which such articles are taxed.

The term tariff is also used in reference to the actual custom or duty payable on such items.


Customs Duties; Import Quotas.


(Bill), noun account, itemized account, list, list of items, money's worth, quoted price, price list, scale of prices, table of charges


(Duties), noun assessment, duty, excise, levy, schedule of duties, tax
See also: duty, excise, fare, imposition, levy, tax


the level of punishment imposed or recommended for a criminal offence.

TARIFF. Customs, duties, toll. or tribute payable upon merchandise to the general government is called tariff; the rate of customs, &c. also bears this name and the list of articles liable to duties is also called the tariff.
     2. For the tariff of duties imposed on the importation of foreign merchandise into the United States.

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There is no rhyme or reason behind the scoring tarriff, while there is potential for confusion if there is a free kick but the ball doesn't go out of play and, most of all, scope - however theoretical - for skulduggery from players.
For tarriff purposes, they are "customers" and therefore pay no access charges on their long-distance traffic.
Hutchinson, now aged 73, is to challenge his so-called whole-life tarriff after a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that such sentences breach - you might have guessed it - a prisoner's human rights.
Business Overview - Competition", "- Government Regulation - Tarriff Supervision" and under "NETVISION - ISP Business - Competition" and " NETVISION - Telephony Business - Competition".
Brian Farrelly It should have been a whole life tarriff but at least with 38 years minimum term, and with how terrible the crime was, he is unlikely ever to be released.
Summary: Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, has lost his bid to go to the highest court in the land, to challenge his "whole life" tarriff.
Newbold saw off The Mill 5- 0 with goals from Kane Potter, Greg Linton, Tarriff Bryan, Laurie Warren and Richard Bollen while Woodlands went one better against Quigleys as Rikki Harfield, John Brown, Mark Lovell, Sam Bourne and Luke Lovell (2) shared the spoils.
ON yesterday launched a new fixed-rate fuel tarriff.
There is enough in the records we have seen to cause us some concern to ensure the court has a full picture of this young man before setting the appropriate tarriff he has to serve," he said.
21 Table--11 Exercise tarriff and HJE on domestic tobacco products, Nov.