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Quattro sonetti dell'aristocratico cosentino Galeazzo di Tarsia (1520 circa-1553 circa), quinto barone di Belmonte, e fratello di un altro verseggiatore: Tiberio, furono pubblicati, postumi, nel XVI secolo: A voi de'fondi e S'affaticano invan, accolti nel 1585 in una miscellanea di rime in onore di Giovanna Castriota Carrafa; e Chiaro e di vero onor e Roma, le palme tue stampati nelle Seste rime di Laura Terracina (1558).
com), North America's largest independent provider of digital wireless services for the machine-to-machine (M2M), telematics and telemetry markets, today announced the appointment of Tony Tarsia to director of national public sector sales.
Schwarten (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Linda Stack (Plainview Old-Bethpage John E Kennedy High School, Plainview, New York), Donna Lee Stutzman (Central High School, Pueblo, Colorado), and Josephine Tarsia (Rockland Community College, Suffern, New York).
eTelemetry, a leading provider of network intelligence solutions, today announced the hiring of Tony Tarsia as their new National Sales Director.
Contract notice: Service execution of the recovery and collection service compulsory for the city of tarsia (cs) of administrative sanctions for violation of the rules of the road, for a total amount of 3,843,838 for the years 2007/2012.
A sophisticated sound lovingly crafted in the studio by some of the 20th century's most influential producers and production teams -- including Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff, Thom Bell, Linda Creed, Gene McFadden and John Whitehead, Bunny Sigler, Dexter Wansel, Joe Tarsia and others -- Philly Soul set the stage for disco, smooth jazz, adult contemporary music and more.
We are delighted that Big Bear has been selected for the first time to receive this prestigious award," said Maurice Tarsia, founder and vice president of Big Bear.
Whitechapel's Andrea Tarsia is premiering the 1999 suite Two Hours and virtually premiering the 1975-99 series "A Storybook Life," whose seventy-six photos for the most part have never been shown.
Tarsia comes to Big Bear from Lucent's Silicon Circuits research department, where he developed advanced CMOS circuits; earlier, he had been with Texas Instruments' DSP R&D mixed-signal research branch; he holds six patents.
In their catalogue preface, curators Clive Phillpot and Andrea Tarsia declare their discomfort with "facile or bogus nationalisms"; they state up front that the emergence of Conceptual modes in London took place within a broader international context.