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It was great to be able to grab a tastey lunch in between painting.
26 (480m): Tornaroy Tastey, Raggside Gaga, State Lodge, Prosecutor, Nana Tess, Dromana Impact.
07 (480m): The Good Wife, Tornaroy Tastey, Midas Sam, Lanesdown Drop, Denwill Princess, Droopys Gianni (W).
Walsh proved most fruitful in the follow-up race, the 480m Handicap winner TORNAROY TASTEY (time: 29.
13 (480m): Tornaroy Tastey, The Good Wife, Liscahane Eagle, Borna Taylon, Tyrur Breheny (W), Bringbackbertie (W).
Reserves: Ballyhill Rage (W), Benvista Sally (W), Coolcholly Rock, Droopy's Gardenia, Emma's Ginger (W), Kilatal Chimes, Lil Moyo, Mill Maverick, Raffian, Reiver Bell, Skywalker Flame (W), Target Rio, Tasha's Dream, Tornaroy Tastey.
51 (480m Handicap): Steel Drum (13), Tag Along Ned (10), Highview Cracker (5), Tornaroy Tastey (1), Cairns Valentino (Scr), Niborneps Piphen (Scr).