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James Dolphin, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, stated that the Trust continues to look for opportunities to use low rate, tax exempt bonds to finance the acquisition and renovation of moderate income apartment communities such as Forestbrook, Parkwood Court and Laurel Ridge.
Thus, tax exempt municipal bond funds have become a better investment for a greater number of Iowa taxpayers.
By separating the original portfolio into two entities, we can operate the America First Tax Exempt Mortgage Fund as a tax-exempt investment as originally intended and, at the same time, offer our investors an opportunity to increase their overall return through participation in the equity REIT.
Employers that have, at all times, been tax exempt are generally exempt from this excise tax (Sec.
The IRS Tax Exempt Entities Division is the fastest growing unit in the IRS, and it is working hand-in-glove with Homeland Security.
If the parent organization is tax exempt it is best to avoid Sec.
The first meeting of the Tax Exempt CAB was held recently in Hartford, CT, and focused on ways to increase participants' understanding and appreciation of their retirement benefits.

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