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Rehman Malik announces it publically that he will quit politics if his name in Panama Paper or his any offshore company was proved in Panama or in any tax heaven of the world.
Holding his earlier challenge if his or his company Petroline FZC has any connection to Panama tax heavens, he would resign from the politics.
Because the speciality literature allocates vast spaces for presenting the various tax heavens, we will approach an atypical fiscal paradise which is New Zealand.
Generally, Pakistan is 50 percent less costly in operational cost comparing to any tax heaven territory even.
Bulgaria is against this proposal, because we made a tax heaven out of it," Borisov said, adding he was "ill at ease" when he had to explain how low tax rates in Bulgaria are during his recent meetings with the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
However, the Tunisian minister lamented that last year his country was put on the EU black list of tax heavens saying "this was unfair, this was an unilateral decision.
It was revealed that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif's sons and daughter hold offshore companies in tax heavens.
I, strongly recommend registration of ships in tax heavens as permitted by India to Induce private ship owners to increase our tonnage too.
He asserted that Gwadar and other industrial states and commercial hubs in Pakistan are absolutely safer than Cyprus, Dubai or other so-called tax heavens in the world.