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Larger tax-haven countries support a broad range of business activities and thereby afford companies the greatest opportunities to locate taxable profits.
Firms appear to make extensive use of affiliates located in small tax-haven countries for this purpose.
The average taxpayer will find it difficult to effectively use tax-haven entities to defer U.
Information exchange refers to the willingness of different taxing authorities to share the data necessary for effective enforcement of residence-based taxation, especially data on tax-haven investments.
Tax-haven jurisdictions resist abating their bank secrecy laws because their economies may collapse if they cannot provide investors with secrecy-leveraged tax advantages.
According to the sources, DKB set up a subsidiary on a tax-haven island in the Caribbean Sea in a bid to increase DKB's capital adequacy ratio.
Revenue Canada should be proactive, in cooperation with international tax administration organizations and Canadian financial institutions, in reviewing the legitimacy of transactions involving tax-haven financial institutions.
However, this system is effective only if countries can prevent taxpayers from (1) improperly treating income earned in tax-haven countries as derived from exempt countries and (2) artificially shifting deductions from exempt countries to income earned in a tax-haven country.
TJNA insist that much of the money is generated by tax-avoidance as well as outright theft and corruption, and spirited out of the continent to tax-havens around the world.