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TEAMSTER. One who drives horses in a wagon for the purpose of carrying goods for hire he is liable as a common carrier. Story, Bailm. Sec. 496.

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Three former union consultants have pleaded guilty in New York to charges that they illegally diverted Teamsters union funds to Carey's re-election campaign.
While PierPASS takes no position on the unionization of port drivers, it is unfortunate that the Teamsters are attacking our progressive solution to port congestion problems.
6, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Detroit shuttle drivers with Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, a subsidiary of Hertz Global Holdings, have voted to join the Teamsters.
The accounts of the Carey aides contradict the Teamsters leader's strongly worded assertion at the AFL-CIO's national convention this week that he had known nothing of the scheme and that campaign aides had betrayed him and the union.
Quebecor World and the Graphic Communications Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters have reached agreement on a new protocol concerning union organizing at the Company's non-union facilities in the United States.
The Teamsters are part of a coalition of unions that negotiated the contract.
The hundreds of thousands of small businesses that lost money, the 185,000 UPS workers and their families who lost wages, and the 15,000 workers who are now facing layoffs have only two parties to blame for their troubles - the corrupt Teamsters leadership and the Clinton administration.
The Teamsters look forward to meeting with Hillary Clinton, Sen.
It has been at least several generations since the federal government has ordered such a drastic remedy in a national union election, and the decision was a blow to Carey's reputation as a reformer as he tries to change the image of the once corruption-riddled Teamsters.
ABC Moving Services, DiSilva Transportation and National Retail Systems are signatory to collective bargaining agreements with Teamsters Local Union 25, located in Boston, Mass.
The settlement, in which the Teamsters won most of what they wanted on pensions, pay and limiting the use of part-time workers, will be as much of a boon to labor, he said, as the failed air traffic controllers strike of 1981 was a bust.
Consulted by UBS Financial Services, Indiana Teamsters represents members ranging from a number of industries including freight, route sales, warehousing, manufacturing, construction, and UPS.