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Technical analysts believe that price patterns repeat themselves because we humans react similarly to similar market events -- so they seek patterns.
Osama Al Ashri, a member of the UK's Society of Technical Analysts, said on Thursday that the DFM must break resistance at 5,080 to see a new target of 5,780 in the next few weeks.
YESFX Trading Academy posts 93% employment rate for technical analysts * Head of Technical Analysis Research Department and Director, YESFX Ltd By Kyriakos Charilaou, CFTe, MSTA JOB PROSPECTS THE U.
Ayman Waked is a certified financial technician and holds a Masters degree in financial technical analysis from the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).
A third technical analyst said his next key level for the All Share Index is between 7,100 to 7,170, which could be reached within the next week or two.
Danny Bogar, managing director, Stanford Group Holdings, said, "Bringing on board the renowned technical analyst John Mendelson and his team is yet another example of how Stanford is gaining access to the best Wall Street talent and building up a distinctive, world-class research capability at a time when other firms are scaling back.
Ralph Acampora, a technical analyst at Prudential Securities, said that traders were closely watching the Dow as it moved below 5,400 Wednesday.
The failure of the broader market to advance more decisively indicates a no-confidence vote for the market, said Brian Belski, technical analyst at Dain Bosworth Inc.
As for other timing, old timers may remember the late Edson Gould, a well known technical analyst whom Schannep met briefly many years ago, who developed his 'three Steps and a Stumble' rule.
Halfhill rejoined In-Stat/MDR in 2002 after working as a technical analyst and writer for ARC Cores.

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