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Technical analysts believe that price patterns repeat themselves because we humans react similarly to similar market events -- so they seek patterns.
Osama Al Ashri, a member of the UK's Society of Technical Analysts, said on Thursday that the DFM must break resistance at 5,080 to see a new target of 5,780 in the next few weeks.
YESFX Trading Academy posts 93% employment rate for technical analysts * Head of Technical Analysis Research Department and Director, YESFX Ltd By Kyriakos Charilaou, CFTe, MSTA JOB PROSPECTS THE U.
Ayman Waked is a certified financial technician and holds a Masters degree in financial technical analysis from the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).
A third technical analyst said his next key level for the All Share Index is between 7,100 to 7,170, which could be reached within the next week or two.
For technical analysts and traders, the book is a wake-up call to abandon subjective, interpretive methods and embrace an approach that is scientifically and statistically valid.
John Murphy was the technical analyst for CNBC-TV for seven years.
He founded and was first chairman of the International Federation of Technical Analysts, a global organization of 4,000 colleagues.
Prices have outrun their sensible structure,'' said Justin Mamis, a technical analyst who has followed the market since the 1950s.
The tech stocks were weak in last several sessions and that did not translate into much weakness elsewhere, and that was encouraging to traders,'' said Ricky Harrington, a technical analyst at Interstate/Johnson Lane in Charlotte, N.

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