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5) In complying with regulations set forth in the Rehabilitation Act, radiologic technology programs can establish technical standards that students must meet to be successful in the program.
Technical standards are crucial to the development of electronic document management systems as they evolve from proprietary, application-specific workgroup environments to technology families that provide enterprise-wide electronic records management on every desktop.
Leveraging more than 15 years of open systems architecture development, Rockwell Collins continues to build upon its common, flexible and affordable solutions with new products aligned to the FACE Technical Standard.
The FACE Technical Standard was developed by the FACE Consortium, a government and industry partnership to define an open avionics environment for all military airborne platform types.
Meanwhile, the Abu Dhabi technical standards for effluents discharged from land into the marine environment were developed by the Environment Agency -- Abu Dhabi (EAD) based on international best practices as well as the results of a monitoring programme undertaken by EAD since 2006.
One of them will attend to transport planning, setting technical standards, and protecting trains, while the other will oversee the safety of trains and related operational processes," he said.
Brad Saunders is chairman of the PCMCIA, a non-profit trade association founded to establish technical standards for PC Card technology and developer of the ExpressCard Standard.
WHEREAS: The membership of the Institute has adopted rules 20l and 202 of the Rules of the Code of Professional Conduct, which authorizes the Council to designate bodies to promulgate technical standards with which members must comply, and therefore it is
We, as an industry, need to agree on the meaning of the words we use," says Perske, "and then translate that into open technical standards so our industry can take full advantage of the efficiencies of the inter-networked economy.
New technical standards are now available from NFPA
Included in the proposed measures are technical standards for exhaust, evaporative, and crankcase emissions, onboard diagnostic systems, and other vehicle emission control systems.
As a result of the interpretation, the Professional Ethics Executive Committee agreed to make conforming changes to ET Section 291, Ethics Rulings on General and Technical Standards.

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