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0 of the FACE Technical Standard include the FACE Data Model, Language Run-Times and Component Frameworks, Protocol Mediation Services, Streaming Media Services and expanded definitions of Units of Portability.
Technical standards are crucial to the development of electronic document management systems as they evolve from proprietary, application-specific workgroup environments to technology families that provide enterprise-wide electronic records management on every desktop.
Brad Saunders is chairman of the PCMCIA, a non-profit trade association founded to establish technical standards for PC Card technology and developer of the ExpressCard Standard.
WHEREAS: The membership of the Institute has adopted rules 20l and 202 of the Rules of the Code of Professional Conduct, which authorizes the Council to designate bodies to promulgate technical standards with which members must comply, and therefore it is
The more we can keep our technical standards open and platform agnostic, the more agile we can remain and that's an advantage for all players in the real estate industry," Perske says.
Japan and Britain agreed on Tuesday to join hands in developing technical standards for a fourth generation of mobile telephone technology, a senior Japanese official said.
consortium is made up of members from educational, commercial, and government organizations collaborating to define technical standards and specifications for interoperability of applications in distributed learning.
An NAB study concluded otherwise, but it was based on technical standards that existing stations can't meet.
Four Media's strategy has been to offer studios and producers a one-stop shop for editing, mixing, language translation and conversion to technical standards used in overseas markets.
SAE International Industry Technologies Consortia (ITC), an associate company of SAE International, has announced the acquisition of ADS aerospace technical standards.
June 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Six top industry professionals received SAE International's Technical Standards Board (TSB) Outstanding Achievement Awards, as selected by the SAE Material, Process and Parts Council.

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