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Suggested pre-requisites include general technical aptitude and general familiarity of technical terminology related to chemistry and rubber or plastic materials.
No one who has read Lyne's previous scholarship will be surprised to learn that the readings display marvelous skill, frequently attesting to the "discrepancy" between the pedantic technical terminology of the art of rhetoric and the fluency of Shakespeare's poetry (15).
There is always a dialogue between lay and technical terminology.
Like its companion volumes, Ambassadors from Earth aims to tell a portion of the space exploration story in a publicly engaging way, one replete with human passion and devoid of baffling technical terminology.
Students were taught technical terminology in English.
I also think we should not be frightened of introducing students to technical terminology as long as this is done in a gradual and organic way through discussion.
He explained that due to technical terminology and scientific data written at the labels of imported items do not inform consumers to understand the negative impacts of such chemicals on human health and environment.
If they can't produce one or use fuzzy, arcane technical terminology, don't bet on this claim.
They learned how to critically read technical documents, write effectively and cross-culturally, increased their repertoire of technical terminology and practiced drafting abstracts and thesis proposals.
This book is light on technical terminology, provides and excellent glossary and is presented in a clear, easily understood format particularly useful as a reference on the photochemistry of the featured plants.
However, its technical terminology and concepts prevent the manual from achieving its stated goal of being a "perfect source" for travelers.
School Bus blends live-action, three-dimensional computer animation, and on-screen "fun facts" of fascinating trivia as well as simple explanations of technical terminology.
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