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I worked in technical theater, so it's not really like that.
Yarnall beats the bushes for professionals to teach her kids what she can't - guest directors, set designers, technical theater experts.
We touch all the areas of technical theater,'' said Stickrod.
Performance and choreogaphy are wonderful careers for some, but there are all these other things--dance therapy, teaching, technical theater, dance management, and notation careers.
Supply and installation of theatrical techniques and conducting technical theater buildings in Capitole Gent, Count of Flanders Square 5, 9000 Gent.
The camp will offer workshop programs in dance, theater, writing, technical theater production and singing.
Simple is good because most of the students in school don't have a lot of technical theater experience as far as building sets,'' Wright said.
Students study a range of diploma and degree programs in audio engineering, technical theater, theater design, popular music, arts management, acting and dance.
He advised Niall that his technical theater experience was important, and his hands-on theater knowledge was better even than auditioning for theater school.
Rowe holds a bachelor's degree in Technical Theater from American University in Washington, D.
She said she was also pleased that students will have an opportunity to ``stretch themselves and grow'' on campus this summer when SAVE Theatre offers teen workshops in acting and aspects of technical theater.
Starting in the ninth grade, students major in either instrumental music, voice, piano, electronic music, musical theater, dance, drama, or technical theater.

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