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It is not necessary to have a degree in technical communications to get a job as a technical writer.
Grimstead is a technical writer for Sun Microsystems, Inc.
93) Data Processing Industry Coordinated Issue Paper, Wages of Technical Writers and the R&E Credit (1992).
Many technical writers will already be familiar with many of the ideas discussed in this section, such as information chunking.
The practical technical writer says that we should "spend the same amount of time composing, revising, and copyediting email as .
Part 2, "The skill of the technical writer," extends over four chapters, covering rhetoric, style, tools, and visuals.
The main point is that many abilities must be mastered to become a great technical writer.
It's hard to freelance without some previous work experience as a technical writer.
He had been a technical writer and served in the U.
In this presentation, Idiom technical writer Willie Williams will provide a step-by-step case study on how to complete a legacy content conversion project by moving the Idiom WorldServer(TM) documentation set from unstructured FrameMaker to DITA XML.
In 1991 Debbie Walkowski, a technical writer at Digital Equipment Corporation, published an article in Technical communication entitled "Working successfully with technical experts--From their perspective.
I didn't know how to get exposure,'' said Spalding, a retired technical writer and engineer who's been writing poetry since 1958.

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