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Besides excellent writing and communication skills, the technical writer should be able to work proficiently with Ehelp's RoboHelp, WebWorks Publisher, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Visio, FrameMaker.
Today's technical writers are also called information architects, analysts, technologists, developers, designers, and engineers; web masters; technical communicators and editors; procedure writers; and documentation specialists.
Classes also contain a free lab, so that students can become proficient in using FrameMaker, RoboHELP, and other programs used by technical writers.
The lawsuit, filed by Schubert & Reed LLP, of San Francisco, CA, charges that UGS unlawfully classifies its technical writers as exempt from California labor law compensation requirements.
How technical writers can easily edit and manage documentation within a DITA-based environment by managing content as individual components or "topics"
Usability lab: Interactive sessions enable attendees to give Mentor technical writers and product representatives direct feedback on product improvements.
The popularity of Flare is driven by technical writers, Help authors, and other documentation professionals who appreciate Flare's Word-like ease of use and the unique ability to compose content in the XML format, without requiring knowledge of XML programming.
Widely adopted by technical writers since its introduction in 1991, DocBook provides an XML markup vocabulary for authoring and exchange of prose content, especially technical documentation.
The Company has increased staff, adding new developers, customer support teams, and technical writers, as it expands its national network of independent consultants, business partners, and technology partners, like Timberline (London: SGE.
WritersUA's customers represent a diverse group of technical writers, software developers, contractors, and consultants.
Writing careers will be the topic at a panel discussion featuring technical writers, fiction writers, editors and teachers, 7 to 9 p.
The software provides greater flexibility and ease of use for Help authors, technical writers, documentation professionals, and other content providers wanting to produce content for common online formats directly from Adobe FrameMaker files.

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