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Once those qualifications have been met, participants must pass a series of training programs and hands on skill challenges at 100 percent, as well as all distance-learning classes, JCB systems efficiency testing, Core Product Component Testing and other service based tests to earn the designation of Master Technician.
The 2015 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook, an industry forecast of aviation personnel demand, anticipates 226,000 new commercial airline pilots and 238,000 new technicians in the Asia Pacific region through 2034.
On the whole, Boeing said the global demand is driven by steadily increasing airplane deliveries, particularly wide-body airplanes, and represents a global requirement for about 27,000 new pilots and 29,000 new technicians yearly.
Pharmacy Technicians Guide is definitely the one stop shop for all aspiring pharmacy technicians, providing information for all aspects of the profession.
Otologic technicians have become extremely valued and respected members of our team.
Like many nail salons, most of Nail Forum's technicians hail from Vietnam and speak broken English.
Now there are technicians for areas such as transmissions, tune-ups, brakes and air conditioning.
Ferris State interviewed service technicians nationwide and in Canada, and used the information to create a 65-page task analysis, from which the 200-question test was developed.
Durham also provides product training for technicians for Subaru, BMW, Daimler-Chrysler and Mazda.
The Arizona Nurses Association (AzNA) supports the project on grounds that using medication technicians would allow licensed nurses to focus on crucial care tasks rather than routine medication administration, according to AzNA President Kathy Player, EdD, RN.
And in order to get his team up to speed with Honda products and technology, Mr Chapman enrolled his technicians on the Introduction and Distance Learning courses.
Learn more in this article about what veterinary technicians do and where they do it, the ups and downs of their work, the skills and training that they need, and their earnings and employment prospects.