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The company's proprietary technology stack leverages social data, location data, CRM data, purchasing data, as well as other big data sources to power advanced psychographic targeting and interest-based engagement.
In recent years, we've created and provided numerous high-end solutions that utilize the cluster of applications within the vFabric technology stack," said Craig Jones, Vice President of Growth & Strategy.
Business Connexion (BCX) and Kentico Software declared that they have teamed up to offer the leading content management systems developed by using the Microsoft Technology stack to the customers.
3Crowd Provides Technology Stack Behind ServerOrigin's CloudCDN
Specifically, these services will enable implementation of automated rapid provisioning and change management, as well as advanced security, responsive performance, autonomous SLA and compliance services throughout Joyent's cloud technology stack.
Today's announcement confirms VCE's Vblock as the preferred technology stack for CSC's cloud offerings to help customers more easily and securely migrate their business processes to the cloud.
has selected its technology stack to support the new ARTIK platform for the Internet of Things (IoT).
To increase operational efficiency and gain visibility across its Oracle technology stack, IDEXX Laboratories, a global leader in diagnostics and information technologies for animal health, has deployed Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to monitor and manage its infrastructure.
Furthermore, Cinemo's technology stack includes all popular optical and file-based media formats, as well as advanced audio and video codecs enabling full HD multimedia playback with network streaming support.
Regardless of the enterprise technology stack, regardless of the mobile device, Darwino allows developers to focus more on the business problem, and less on the technical details of mobile and social development.
The Development FSA Application Delivery - Common (DFAD) scope of work includes a diverse technology stack from mainframe to business intelligence and collaboration software necessary in support of the FSA and other agencies that FSA supports today and in the future.
A major US retailer has chosen this technology stack for the rollout of their Voxware 3 voice picking solution.

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