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I threw bucket of water over a guy smoking in the loo'' FAGS: Now is the time to quit' 'I can't tell people to stop smoking when Peter's puffing away'' 'I'm tee-total.
COLIN McKEE: Another one of our tee-total footballers.
Gone are the days of all that tee-total malarkey in the Oval Office that went on with now-dry Dubya.
But the tee-total girl from Kidwelly celebrated her win with a glass of water instead of champagne - to keep her voice in top condition.
Instead of the bubby which was on offer, tee-total Billy sipped a cup of tea.
THE mother accused of neglecting her three children while she allegedly went binge-drinking on holiday is practically tee-total, her family claimed yesterday.
TEE-TOTAL Padraig Harrington's biggest fear after Europe's Ryder Cup romp was finding a Detroit bar open late enough to continue the celebrations.
A TEE-TOTAL Irish rapper has hit the wrong note with radio stations who are refusing to play his song claiming it promotes binge drinking.
WITH the future smoking ban being all over the news, I have to say that as a smoker who is tee-total, I have never been the cause of a road accident because of smoking then driving.
Kilby said: "There is the same steely determination, he's tee-total and I was really impressed when I met him face-to-face.
But the tee-total Bruce Lee fan won't touch a drop of booze as it would upset his strict fitness regime.
The tee-total father of one now has 32 staples holding his skull together.