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The CRP concentration of teetotalers was determined by ultrasensitive kinetic nephelometry (Beckman Coulter).
Professor of nutrition and epidemiology Meir Stamfer of the Harvard School of Public Health, who was not a participant in the study, is quoted by The Associated Press as suggesting that teetotalers with no history of alcoholism who abstain in the belief that it's dangerous to your health might just reconsider.
What he found was that those who reported drinking alcohol "clearly did much, much better" than the teetotalers, he said, Specifically, among the 155 teetotalers, 22--about l4%-- suffered a recurrence of serious cardiac problems after angioplasty.
All the researchers agreed that the findings did not mean that teetotalers concerned about their hearts should take up drinking.
The study found that moderate drinkers were 80% less likely than teetotalers to develop senile dementia and 75% less likely to develop Alzheimer's.
Some, such as teetotalers David Robinson and John Stockton, might have been offended.
4 percent of teetotalers developed heart attacks in 6 years, the researchers report in the March 23 British Medical Journal.
Some researchers have become such strong believers in alcohol's powers that they're warning teetotalers of dire consequences.
Women who consumed 8 to 28 glasses a week (an amount more acceptable in Europe than in the United States) had half the risk of dysmenorrhea as the teetotalers.
John sent Needham to Newhall to establish a dry region, and he built the Good Templar's Hall for local teetotalers.
Among diners eating at least a dozen oysters, those who imbibed liquor or wine were only 30 percent as likely to become infected compared with teetotalers.
Most of the Adventists were teetotalers, the study found, and roughly 70 percent were either strict vegetarians or ovalacto vegetarians, whose diets include milk and eggs.