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Michael Buerk's suggestion that female newsreaders and television presenters who 'got a job mainly because (they) "look nice' should not cry 'ageism' and go to tribunals when they no longer do, lays bare the sexist attitude still held by many men in the industry," said Ms O'Reilly, who lives in Aberdyfi.
These have included Pulp Fiction actor Samuel L Jackson (left), Liverpool FC footballers Steven Gerrard and Dietmar Hamann, Real Madrid player Steve McManaman and television presenters Jeremy Clarkson and John Barnes.
TELEVISION presenters Lucy Cohen and Jonathan Hill will turn models for the night to take part in the Cardiff Fashion Show in aid of George Thomas Hospice Care.
So how come, when the world is full of people with brass necks who like the sound of their own voices, television presenters are so well paid?
Complementing the television program Gone Fishin', the broadband version will offer viewers the opportunity to explore content from the television program in more detail, including extended story segments and interaction with the television presenters through chat rooms and email.

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