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The people of the temperate zones are going to get hurt early after all, but not by gradual warming.
Another distinct pattern is revealed by Hypochaeris--although the north temperate zone is confirmed as the source area for the South American Hypochaeris, the genus arrived in paramo from the south.
In a previous study, we found lower polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) concentrations in urban soils of Bangkok than in urban soils of the temperate zone, which we mainly explained as the effect of tropical climate (Wilcke et al.
Crosby detailed the advantages of the temperate zones in climate, disease ecology, and agricultural productivity.
Physiological and behavioral correlates of life-history variation: a comparison between tropical and temperate zone House Wrens.
How many junior high schoolers today could tell the width of the temperate zone, identify three capes on the coast of North Carolina, name the capitals of a dozen European countries or list the states in the same latitude as Kansas?
5[degrees]N) of Taiwan than in the temperate zone (north of 23.
The area of the study spanned almost the entire width of the northern temperate zone, from the sub-Arctic to the Mediterranean region.
Known as the borderlands, the region lies across the middle of North America where the tropics meet the Temperate Zone.
Southward stretched hundreds of miles of sparsely treed taiga flecked with the gray and white of caribou, and somewhere near the Gulf of Mexico was the temperate zone.
Much of the definition work of the weather world was set in place from the stance of the Temperate Zone climate (where so much more "weather" occurs).