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Dry, temperate climes mean minimal losses from humidity and bugs, while producing seeds during the Northern Hemisphere's winter gives Chile a leg up on larger competitors.
Here his concessions to the success of the latter in temperate climes is at variance with his thorough critiques of the extension of these techniques to much of the postcolonial tropical and subtropical world.
The sprawling metro Phoenix area still draws its share of "snowbirds" who come to these temperate climes during the winter.
But even more temperate climes are feeling the chill.
Deciduous trees - trees that lose their leaves yearly - grow in temperate climes.
These extraterrestrial chunks are prime examples of their kind, with valuable details preserved against the erosion of more temperate climes for thousands or millions of years in the arid chill at the bottom of the world.
With one foot in the culture of prior generations and another in the pioneering spirit of the boomers - "think Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Harrison Ford," said one industry expert - the "Silents" are exploring new ideas about how and where to retire, from multi-generational cohousing and affinity communities to choosing the more temperate climes of Georgia or the Carolinas over Florida
The Canadian Tour spends four weeks south of the Rio Grande before heading back home when Canada enjoys more temperate climes.
Four months ago Richard Bevan stepped out of the relatively temperate climes of professional cricket and into the maelstrom that is modern English football and has found himself swept along ever since.