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Caption: Getting around Chikungunya virus has broadly expanded its tropical range and made fleeting inroads into temperate zones.
The people of the temperate zones are going to get hurt early after all, but not by gradual warming.
vivax strains in Central America show anomalous temperate zone epidemiology, leading to a suggestion that temperature alone might be an insufficient predictor of regional epidemiology (33).
Temperate zones of the northern and southern hemispheres are important source areas for the paramo flora (Cleef, 1979; Smith & Cleef, 1988).
And it points out that in temperate zones, some species of toothed whales and dolphins are showing shifts in distribution, which may be linked to increasing sea temperatures.
In the northern and the southern temperate zones of the Americas, overall pandemic influenza transmission remained low as influenza virus continues to circulate at low levels.
IN THE ARCTIC (9780761444374), IN THE ANTARCTIC (9780761444381), IN THE TROPICS (9780761444404) and IN TEMPERATE ZONES (9780761444411) each pack in specific insights key to understanding the nature and impact of climate under different conditions.
The World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement that more than 4,735 deaths attributable to H1N1, known as seine flu, had been reported and continued to increase in the Northern temperate zones across the world.
The Earth's tropical zones are expanding, causing subtropical arid zones to extend into 'Mediterranean' temperate zones formerly characterised by wet, cold winters and hot, dry summers, according to James Cook University researchers.
Schrader is the author of Hot Plants for Cool Climates: Gardening with Tropical Plants in Temperate Zones.
The official state tree thrives in temperate zones, but if it can no longer survive there, the trees left in Ohio would slowly decline and become more prevalent farther north in Michigan.
1 : a region or area set off or characterized as different from surrounding or neighboring parts <The United States is located in one of earth's temperate zones.