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It is possible that the temperature inversion and zero wind velocity suppressed air mixing, leading to an accumulation of lethal concentrations of hydrogen sulfide at ground level as agitation occurred.
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the possibility of using unmanned aircrafts equipped with data acquisition systems to investigate the phenomenon of the temperature inversion in the Sarajevo Valley.
Officials have continually blamed meteorological conditions like high humidity, temperature inversion and low winds, as well as emissions by coal plants and construction work.
For purposes of instrument flight, we call this area a huge temperature inversion waiting to happen.
It was very bad in winter, when a temperature inversion caused by warmer air from the Caspian seeping over the Alborz mountains trapped colder, polluted air.
There is a clear temperature inversion on the second day and none on the first.
It can be especially bad in the winter, when a temperature inversion caused by warmer air from the Caspian seeping over the Alborz mountains traps colder, polluted air.
Planets that lack temperature inversion tend to orbit the most active stars, suggesting that intense ultraviolet radiation breaks up the absorbing compounds.
Tehran being surrounded in an archshape western and south eastern current, does not have any refining quality, thus Tehran air in most of the time is static and motionless and as a result this situation will lead to dangerous phenomena called air or temperature inversion [3].
In addition, the information will assist in predicting weather phenomena that affect aircraft's safety during landing and take-off such as wind shear and prediction of low level temperature inversion, and will also assist with low flying aircraft and those that take-off and land vertically.
The tropopause is marked in the profile by the beginning of the stratospheric temperature inversion at 12 km above sea level.
The weather conditions, a combination of a high pressure zone and a temperature inversion, plus heavy vehicle traffic, explain this situation," acknowledges Charles Schillinger, research engineer at ASPA Atmo-Alsace, a scientific network set up in 1977 to measure industrial pollution in Strasbourg and implement alert procedures.

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