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Since entities in spatial relations are concrete and events in temporal relations are abstract, it is often stated that time is derived from space (see Clark 1973, Lyons 1977).
Zwicker conflates the spiritual and temporal realms and posits primarily political motives for Dryden's apologia for the Catholic Church.
24) But unlike Aquinas, Giles' work does not subordinate the temporal power (that is, subject to the spiritual power) as an intermediate authority which leads the ruler's subjects to heaven.
Moreover, Kant maintains the superiority and the greater necessity of the temporal over the spatial.
As for the latter, the three temporal conjunctions in (18)-(20) all admit clefting in spite of the differences in internal proportionality: (14)
Some consequences of the distinction between quantifier-specific only and the general specifier can be observed here as well as in the temporal cases.
3) Pope John XXII's grab for worldly power immediately upon succession in 1316 crowned a consistent effort made by his predecessors to encroach ever more upon temporal control.
T]he same men which in a temporal respect make the commonwealth, do in a spiritual make the church.
When competing stores are close together, a household performs more spatial search; when a household lives close to a store, it performs more temporal search.
1F, 8D, 8E) consists of: parietals, frontal, prefrontals and nasals cream, and narrowly edged with brown; singular, large brown, posteriorly pointed spot in center of each parietal; temporals cream, with variegated brown markings; supralabials cream, posteriormost four with black, posteroventrally pointed edge on dorsolateral surface; infralabials and gulars patternless.
Variation in head scales follow (number in parentheses is the number of individuals with that character): supralabials 7-7 (right/left) (5), 7-8 (20), 8-8 (218); infralabials 8-8 (1), 8-10 (3), 9-9 (24), 10-10 (190), 11-12 (1); supralabials entering orbit 3+4 (4), 3+4+5 (1), 3+4/4+5 (17), 4+5 (219), 4+5/5+6 (1), 4/4+5 (1); preoculars 0-0 (1), 1-1 (241, 1-2 (1); postoculars 1-1 (4), 1-2 (3), 2-2 (226), 2-3 (9), 3-3 (1); temporals 0+1 (1) 0+2 (1), 0+2/1+2 (1), 0+1/1+2 (2), 1+1 (11), 1+2 (210), 1+1/1+2 (19); invariate single loreal and divided anal plate.
Anterior temporals include all scales between supralabials and parietals that touch postoculars; the lateralmost part of parietal often has an incomplete seam suggesting an additional uppermost anterior temporal.