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There is no freedom for the state under a clerocracy, such as was attempted in the middle ages, and none even for the Church; for spiritual interests are subordinated to secular interests, and the clergy sacrifice or subordinate the spirituals of the Church in order to maintain her temporals, or their own temporal possessions and power, no less than politicians, as the history of what is strangely enough called the "Ages of Faith," but too amply demonstrates.
Across languages, spatial lexemes such as adpositions and/or adverbials are also used in temporal expressions (e.
In sentence 1), the use of the near temporal deictic expression "now" ("aknun") accompanied with the back shifted tenses are signs of FID.
The specimens are bronzy-brown or purplish brown above, light grey, greenish, or yellow ventrally; a more or less distinct buff to yellow stripe along scale rows 1-2, edged or spotted with black; an indistinct black temporal stripe extending onto the neck, where it may break up into vertical bars; vertebral scales on neck and anterior part of the body sometimes yellow; upper lip yellow, the eye often edged with the same color; yellow along the ventral margin, sometimes with black speckles.
In the very beginning of his Mirror where he establishes prudence as the predominant virtue for rulers, he defines a tyrant as one who confiscates the temporal goods of others in order to get rich.
The store-loyal temporal segment contributed the greatest average profits, suggesting that although periodic price promotions are often thought of as a way to lure price-sensitive shoppers, they're crucial to keeping profitable store-loyal customers.
Lessing also asserts the superiority of the verbal arts because of their temporal progression: unlike painting or sculpture, poetry and prose can show more than one moment, and thus can do justice not only to a progression of events but to progress in thought.
The syntagms of temporal and spatial reference, reason and manner in (2a), for instance, have their own proportional paradigms in (2b).
17) The concern with continuity is expressed within the work as well, when Louis relates an anecdote about his grandfather, Philip II (Philip 'Augustus'), in which Philip rebukes one of his counsellors for criticizing the king's tolerance of clerical abuses: 'Quant ie regard les grauntz bontez que Dieu me ad fait e le poy de bien que ie ay deseruy, ie vueil mieux endurer damage de siecle en bienz temporals que mouer esclaundre entre seinte eglise e moy'.
It is with this distinction that we can associate the different "shades of meaning" with temporals that Poutsma (1928: 457) draws our attention to:
Meristic counts included--ventrals (V); subcaudals (SC); supralabials (SL); infralabials (IL); anterior temporals (AT); dorsal scale rows (DSR) at the level of V10, at midbody, and two V anterior to the anal plate; maxillary teeth (Mx).