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Whereas most displaced workers actively look for a new job, most workers on temporary layoff collect benefits until they return to their prior employers.
A Thunder Bay mill was also forced into a temporary layoff position last month.
Your job and your health insurance coverage may be at risk due to job loss, temporary layoff, furlough, or cost-cutting measures.
If you're conducting a temporary layoff and the employee will return to work within 35 days, the wage laws allow you to consider the worker a continuing employee.
The carrier will reportedly issue temporary layoff notices, which will take effect at the end of January 2003.
9%, the number of unemployed on temporary layoff rose 162,000, while the number of job losers not on layoff fell by about the same amount (163,000).
The temporary layoff announcement of October 17 was a recent action in the strategic analysis to address current market conditions.
The additional staff cut backs, which will take place on 1 March 2002, will bring the number of pilots placed on temporary layoff to 490.
In addition, there is a newly established employee option to take a voluntary leave of absence (up to 10 weeks) in lieu of a temporary layoff.
In the framework of this restructuring, GBC proceeded with the temporary layoff of almost all its employees, while maintaining the heart of its operations and its customer service.
9 /PRNewswire/ -- United Steelworkers' Ontario/Atlantic Director Wayne Fraser said Friday the sudden temporary layoff of 37 workers by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in Collingwood was done just in time to avoid paying workers for the Christmas Holiday.
However, all employees on the payroll or on temporary layoff on August 23, 1986, received an immediate $735 lump-sum "recoupment allowance.

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