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He also hands them T-shirts--green if their company told them it expects to call them back to work by such-and-such a date, which the entrance monitor records as a Temporary Layoff, and blue if they have no prospect of returning to their old job, which the monitor records as a Permanent Layoff.
Whereas most displaced workers actively look for a new job, most workers on temporary layoff collect benefits until they return to their prior employers.
In the ensuing analysis of the dynamic implications of Equations 7 to Equation 10, it is important to note that there is a monotonic negative relationship between the temporary layoff rate ([u.
The 2005 supplement indicated that people from this group were less likely to apply for benefits than job losers on temporary layoff or other job losers.
In the auto industry, however, most employees on temporary layoff have been recalled, and some facilities are hiring additional workers, as many assembly plants have increased their production schedules.
In this context, Technip local management started discussions with employee representatives on May 18th under the Finnish co-operation act to reduce the yard staff and labor workforce from 786 to 416 through a temporary layoff and termination process.
8, may show a rise in the unemployment rate because of the temporary layoff of government workers and contractors.
Suominen reacted to the lower demand during the first quarter with a shutdown for the winter holidays and a short temporary layoff period affecting its entire staff.
As the big mining houses tend to take the longer view, this temporary layoff suggests the recession may ease up in six to eight months at most, he said.
Unemployed job losers are those who lost their jobs involuntarily; they include persons on temporary layoff (awaiting recall) and those not on layoff--permanent job losers and persons who completed temporary jobs.
The theoretical influence of unionization on a firm's temporary layoff behavior has been analyzed by Medoff (1979) and by Freeman and Medoff (1984:114-21).
Furthermore, an agreement has been reached regarding the possible temporary layoff of up to 200 persons in Tampere for up to 90 days from 1 December.

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