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The law allowing the Ten Commandments monument requires Martin to consult the commission before approving the design and site for the monument.
Recognized as authority in the Hebrew Bible, in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, and in the Islamic Koran, the Ten Commandments embody common values across different traditions.
Historically, the lower federal courts have wrangled with scenarios involving the display of the Ten Commandments when placed alongside various secular texts.
The Ten Commandments are really good rules for life," says the seventh-grader from Prince of Peace Lutheran School in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.
The problem is plain to see: If we're not poor, not meek, already comfortable, not prepared to be merciful, if peace is not our game and our will regularly trumps God's in our daily priorities, then by all means let's file the Beatitudes and post the Ten Commandments in every park.
In other courthouses, Ten Commandments plaques are featured along with historical documents such as the Magna Carta.
Fittingly, the most visible manifestation of Schenck's influence are the small, polished stone plaques, inscribed with the Ten Commandments, that he has distributed to more than 400 politicians in Washington and across the country.
Public display of the Ten Commandments to show America's religiosity does not honor God.
Besides creating unnecessary and expensive legal disputes, proposals to post the Ten Commandments are of questionable value.
4) It is useful, therefore, to consider whether opposition to posting the Ten Commandments can be justified on something more than reflexive grounds.