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Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Seneca His Tenne Tragedies (London, 1581), 45.
Contento che sua moglie avesse scelto la chiesa e quel momento solenne per incoraggiarlo al sacrificio, non lascio piu la dolce mano, la tenne egli pure come l'avrebbe tenuta un amante, non guardando mai Luisa, serbando impassibile il viso e rigida la persona.
Mark Shneider, (1) Hanna Dodiuk, (1) Reshef Tenne, (2) Shmuel Kenigl (1)
Tenne will be available to assist the Company during the transition between CFOs, and wish to thank him for his vast contribution to the Company and wish him well in all of his future endeavors," continued Ms.
Meanwhile, severe drought has plagued this largely desert nation over the past decade -- it's been so severe that Tenne, chairman of Israel's Water Desalination Administration, compares it to biblical misfortunes: "If you remember the story of our ancient fathers who had seven good years and seven bad years in the time of Moses, in Egypt, we had the same seven years.
Evelyn Spearing considers Heywood the most poetic of the translators of the time and picks Troas as the 'finest piece of work among the Tenne Tragedies'.
Is hy slegs gehoorsaam aan Provinsiale regulasies, of word daar van hom verwag om ook in tenne van die landswette op te tree?
5% increase in weight, according to two Israeli researchers, Professor Reshef Tenne of the Weitzman Institute of Science and Professor Hanna Dodiuk, head of plastics engineering at Shenkar College of Engineering.
Est-ce [que] cela designe au contraire le droit auquel le contrat est soumis, ainsi que semblerait l'indiquer l'emploi du tenne applicable ?
For example, Figes (2008:148) argues that her late German-born grandfather who died in a concentration camp would have been appalled by Israel's actions, and Independent Jewish Voices activist Ruth Tenne (2009) uses her grandparents' death in the Holocaust to justify spurious analogies between the Nazis and Israel.
2] nanotubes by Tenne and co-workers in 1992 (16), nanotubes of various metal chalcogenides have been synthesized, such as Mo[Se.