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In addition, we created forty quadrisyllabic and forty trisyllabic versions ending in open syllables, by removing the final consonant of the items in the two sets and changing the final lax vowel into the corresponding tense vowel ([defapoke], [fapoke]).
It is then proposed to modify the basic principles of chain shifting to assert that tense vowels rise along the peripheral path, and lax vowels fall along the nonperipheral path.
Lindau's view, in turn, is that "[l]ong and tense vowels are more peripheral in the auditory/acoustic vowel space, while short and lax vowels are more central" (1978: 557), so that "[t]he difference between tense and lax vowels is best labeled by a feature Peripheral" (1978: 558) which is "best described with reference to the acoustic domain" (1978: 541), that is, as the "amount of centralization on [an] acoustic chart" (1978: 559).