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With the increase of tensile stress during photo-oxidation, the development of cracks turned more complicated resulting in accelerating the failure of materials.
Background--The veining defect in cores and molds stems from a tensile stress exerted at the mold metal interface by a combination of contracting and expanding sand.
The higher values located in X- axis and Z- axis border for tensile stress and hardness were between 44.
Design specification for concrete arch dam (Abdulrazeg 2012) demands that the tensile stress should be controlled by the following equation:
f] is the critical damage effective strain, [sigma]* the maximum tensile stress, [bar.
4 shows the areas of maximum principal tensile stress in the Ehime dome.
Loading produced an average additional GFRP tensile stress of 371 - 210 = 161 MPa at maximum load.
Radial tensile stress on the flange being drawn is produced by the tension on the cup wall induced by the punch force.
Measurements in controlled extensional rate mode as well as controlled tensile stress mode are both supported.