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Those two arguments are: (1) Congress' power to regulate interstate commerce does not extend to the regulation of goods manufactured and sold in an entirely intrastate market, and (2) because the Constitution is silent as to the issue of intrastate commerce, the right to regulate such commerce is reserved for the states by the Tenth Amendment.
at the time it came down, Cities held that the Tenth Amendment protected
the limits that the Tenth Amendment places on congressional power.
Despite the text of both Article VI and the Tenth Amendment, however, the Court in the 1990s held that when Congress exercises enumerated powers under Article I, it may not require states to assist in the implementation of federal law.
59) Though the legislation was written with an eye toward potential Tenth Amendment and Contracts Clause problems, it was declared unconstitutional in Ashton v.
And, just to make this complete, numerous states have proposed laws for one or more of these causes: gold and silver as legal tender, Tenth Amendment recognition, sheriff primacy (over federal lawmen), National Guard protection, and freedom from federal regulation of hemp, food, and the environment.
The Supreme Court overruled the past holding in Pollock and found that TEFRA did not violate the Tenth Amendment and that interest on state and local government bond debt is not immune from non-discriminatory federal tax.
recognizing that Tenth Amendment rights are not waivable and that the
One reason is presidential candidates who want a smaller federal government and the restoration of the Tenth Amendment to its original meaning.
I referred to the Tenth Amendment only when speaking about these kinds of benefits 6 not marriage.