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f) the specialized revision of the translation followed by stylistic revision (legal reviser, linguistic reviser and terminologist needed); (4)
In addition, MultiTerm helps translators and terminologists to store and manage their terminological knowledge in flexible, customizable databases.
As already stated in the preface, this book is born out of the mutual dependency of Terminology and Specialized Translation, two fields that do not only benefit from, but also depend upon each other since neither a translation can be carried out without terminological knowledge, nor terminologists can stay apart from new texts being translated.
This never-ending need is pressing terminologists to create and update terminographic resources at a very fast pace, generating in turn the demand for computer-aided terminology management and terminology extraction from corpus, also called computational terminography (Bourigault et al.
The target audience includes graduate school professors and students, NLP researchers, AI researchers, terminologists, linguists, health information systems specialists, and the BioNLP community.
Our terminologists were busy at the most recent NATO Military Committee Terminology Conference (MCTC).
To ensure the quality of the individual contributions, a change in the database automatically launches a validation cycle, whereby terminologists in the translation departments validate new and modified information.
2) As Heid (1994) points out, collocations are central for lexicographers, corpus linguists and terminologists.