Terminus ad quem

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TERMINUS AD QUEM. The point of termination of a private way is so called.

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Aristotle claims that, although the coming to be of a substance in one sense occurs instantaneously at the completion of its coming to be, in another sense it does not, since the coming to be of its material parts is infinitely divisible, and this is the case because its matter is infinitely divisible, and in VI 9, he says, as a general principle, that while a thing is changing between contradictory termini, such as being and not being, a changing thing is never wholly in either state, since some of its parts are always in the terminus a quo and some parts are always in the terminus ad quem.
During this period the criteria used were people's 'minimum needs' whether subsistence or 'social participatory' and these criteria were used for the last time in 1965, the terminus ad quem of this study.
Manuscript A is dated 1119 and this forms a convenient terminus ad quem for Jatarupa's work.
Form, the actuality of matter, is a per se principle that is found only in the terminus ad quem of generation.
While the origin of this new kind of Catholic is presented with all the free grain of historical detail, the terminus ad quem is left deliberately and suggestively vague: however I understand him to imply that the type prevailed down to a time within living memory, but that it no longer does so.
The editor's preface points out that coverage of contemporary writers is not exhaustive but "as comprehensive as restrictions of space allowed," and although this is an area where one could quibble with the editors about their selections (the omission of playwright Marina Carr, for instance), their decision not to establish a terminus ad quem is to be applauded.
The editors had decided on the year 1980 as terminus ad quem for still living emeriti's books.
Rather than speculating on a date, she supplies the conventional terminus ad quem and terminus a quo, 1592 and 1588.
As the longer redaction exhibits no familiarity with conditions under Umayyad rule, its terminus ad quem can be fixed at 636.