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TERMINUS AD QUEM. The point of termination of a private way is so called.

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He also contests (with undue harshness) the thesis, propounded by Edmund Cueva, that Chariton knew Plutarch; instead, he is confident that the novelist knew and used Virgil's Aeneid (more on this below), which gives us, at last, a terminus post quem, Virgil's death in 19 BC (p.
The date of the book must be after 1290 because of the terminus post quem given by the poem; it is probably before 1293, the date of death of Guillaume de Gretz, and it is definitely before 1297, when the three new peerages were created.
The terminus post quem for Haribhadrasuri is Arcata (c.
Since half of the brick stamps found in Jewish catacombs originate from the time of Severus, one should perceive here rather a terminus post quem (p.
1244 may be stated as terminus post quem, and 1270 or a few years later as terminus ante quem.
Vinzent suggests as a terminus post quem the death of Constantine, and he infers from an examination of the synodal letters and creeds of the 340s, especially those associated with Serdica, that they mark a reaction to CAIV.