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YDL, Y-HPC, and Y-Bio are trademarks of Terra Soft Solutions.
This is a profound business move for Terra Soft, a bold step into the high-performance computing market.
In addition, we are eager to work with Terra Soft to move the briQs into the DoE and DoD labs.
JPL Image Processing Laboratory in Pasadena, California, has ordered a 16 node cluster from Terra Soft.
Terra Soft's next release of Black Lab Linux will include C/C++ and Fortran pre-compilers to assist programmers in AltiVec preparation of their code.
Single YDL briQs and fully configured BLL clusters are available from the Terra Soft Solutions' online Store: http://www.
Terra Soft will work with Loki to develop PPC-compatible versions based on Loki's source code.
We are thrilled to work with Terra Soft to expand the universe of applications for Linux on the PowerPC," states Loki President Scott Draeker.
One that will keep us quite busy," notes Stephen Edie, Software Engineer for Terra Soft.
I believe that Terra Soft's experience with the PowerPC coupled with Loki's background is an incredible combination.
In addition to working with Loki to bring Linux games to the PowerPC, Terra Soft will soon offer game bundles with its Yellow Dog Linux Gone Home distribution.