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Gathered from house clearances, they include an oil painting by Ernest Walbourne, a Georgian dining table, signed volumes by Captain Scott, and an Edwardian terrestrial globe.
18) This work, which describes a terrestrial globe, was the first in antiquity to propose the domination of earthly land masses (previously thought to be mere islands surrounded by a dominating sea) as well as the first to delineate the length and breadth of regions of the known world through the use of coordinates, or latitudes and longitudes.
A female figure embraces a terrestrial globe at her side and holds a celestial globe aloft [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 11 OMITTED].
Highlights include the Waldseemuller replica made by the author, Molyneux's celestial globe whose depiction of the constellation Crux (the Southern Cross) is near the dedication to Elizabeth I, the very rare pocket globe of Moxon who in the 1650s reintroduced globe-making to England, the Coronelli terrestrial globe which carries a note within declaring it was made in Vienna in the mid eighteenth century, and how the rediscovery of Mercator gores in the later nineteenth century led to recognition that around forty sixteenth-century Mercator globes once thought entirely lost are now known to have survived.
A cosmographer and teacher of mathematics in Nurnberg, Schoner (1477-1547) made a celestial globe and a terrestrial globe in 1515, and it is the latter that is under study here by independent cartographer Chet Van Duzer.
whose soul is inseparable from mine: you most beautiful inhabitant of the terrestrial globe, who have your disposal a seraglio of four hundred suckers; you in whom, linked indestructibly by a common accord, the sweet communicative virtue and the divine graces are nobly present, as if in their natural residence, why are you not with me, your mercury belly against my aluminum breast, both of us sitting on some seashore rock, to contemplate the spectacle I adore

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