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TERRIER, Eng. law. A roll, catalogue or survey of lands, belonging either to a single person or a town, in which are stated the quantity of, acres, the names of the tenants, and the like.
     2. By the ecclesiastical law an inquiry is directed to be made from time to time, of the temporal rights of the clergyman of every parish, and to be returned into the registry of the bishop: this return is denominated a terrier. 1 Phil. & Am. Ev. 602, 603.

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She turned to the fox terrier and made it speak for a piece of meat.
Then Foxey came back to his own place, and caught the bull-dog by the ear, and tried to throw him away; and the bull-dog, a curiously impartial animal, went for everything he could reach, including the hall-porter, which gave that dear little terrier the opportunity to enjoy an uninterrupted fight of his own with an equally willing Yorkshire tyke.
With a perfect shriek of delight he rushed to the box, cut the other pill in two, dissolved it, added milk, and presented it to the terrier.
This was the character which the little terrier in question had once sustained; if there had been any doubt upon the subject he would speedily have resolved it by his conduct; for not only did he, on seeing Short, give the strongest tokens of recognition, but catching sight of the flat box he barked so furiously at the pasteboard nose which he knew was inside, that his master was obliged to gather him up and put him into his pocket again, to the great relief of the whole company.
Miss Cathy rejected the peace-offering of the terrier, and demanded her own dogs, Charlie and Phoenix.
But before that happens, Carbondale head coach Jim Miller must figure out a way to get his team playing team ball the way the now 20-7 Terriers have most of the year.
Among those allegedly involved in the illegal activities had been a hunt terrier man and children, a district judge was told at Llandudno.
We took this theme, developing a new Terrier as the visual representation of this Terrier Spirit.
Indias leading integrated business services provider announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a 49% stake in Terrier Security Services (India) Private Limited (Terrier or Company), marking its entry into the manned guarding and security solutions business.
We first had the idea to start Two Terriers in June of 2014," Szirom said.
The Terriers were dominant in the first half, going three goals up with a headed finish from Abigail Foy and two shots from outside the box scored by Leah Kossick.
The statistics, released as part of National Microchipping Month, revealed that since 2000, 20,000 dogs have been reported missing to Petlog, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers make up 12 per cent of those still missing.