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n. female form of testator, although distinguishing between genders is falling out of fashion. (See: testator)

TESTATRIX. A woman who makes a will or testament, is so called.

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The nephews and nieces of the testatrix who are listed in Section
A number of these smaller items were designated for female friends and relatives; they were most likely chosen by the testatrix herself, and likewise left to those she chose; they were not conveyed as part of a family patrimony.
Tutt had been revoked by the testatrix or at her direction.
2002), where the court listed the seven Carpenter factors for active procurement and then stated, "[i]n addition, although not part of the Carpenter criteria, the inequality of mental capacity and strength between the testatrix and the party with the confidential relationship is a factor in determining active procurement.
The testatrix executed it last Christmas Day and retained it in her possession.