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One who makes or has made a will; one who dies leaving a will.

A testator is a person who makes a valid will. A will is the document through which a deceased person disposes of his property. A person who dies without having made a will is said to have died intestate.

A testator must be of sound mind when making a will. In part to ensure that a testator is of sound mind, states require that the signing of a will be witnessed by multiple persons. A testator also should be making the will without duress and free of coercion from other persons. If the testator is not acting of her own free will in consenting to the terms of the will, a court may later void all or part of it.


n. a person who has written a will which is in effect at the time of his/her death. (See: will)

See: contributor, decedent, grantor


the person who makes a WILL.

TESTATOR. One who has made a testament or will.
     2. In general, all persons may be testators. But to this rule there are various exceptions. First, persons who are deprived of understanding cannot make wills; idiots, lunatics and infants, are among this class. Secondly, persons who have understanding, but being under the power of others, cannot freely exercise their will; and this the law presumes to be the case with a married woman, and, therefore, she cannot make a will without the express consent of her husband to the particular will. When a woman makes a will under some general agreement on the part of the husband that she shall make a will, the instrument is not properly a will, but a writing in the nature of a will or testament. Thirdly, persons who are deprived of their free will cannot make a testament; as, a person in duress. 2 Bl. Com. 497; 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 2102, et seq. See Devisor; Duress; Feme covert;, Idiot; Influence; Parties to Contracts; Testament; Wife; Will.

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Father-of-two DS Testor was arrested last month at the substantial detached home he shares with wife Lorraine, at Larkhall, Lanarkshire.
Asked about the Testor decision to add mustard oil to its model airplane glue, a formula change that dramatically deterred abuse, MacIntyre says, "They state that maybe 50 percent of their sales of glue went down when they added oil of mustard.
O voi, anime sante e pellegrine, a cui si largo don dal ciel fu dato, che 'n pregio del valor vostro beato siate or lasuso eterne cittadine, fate, s'umil preghiera e in cielo udita, mentre lontan su l'Arno in cieco orrore stara vivo sepolto il mio mortale, che 'l mio nome sul Tebro, il mio migliore ch'or con voi resta, scevro d'ogni male fra' vostri altri testor rimanga in vita.
But NCEW treasurer John Taylor and NCEW Foundation treasurer Morgan McGinley note that things could have been much worse but for the skillful management of our assets by our adviser, Kristina Testor of Salomon Smith Barney.
Dr Sally Millership, of North Essex Health Authority, said: "Any patient who still requires a test will be sent a kit which they can either take to their GP to have the testor do it for themselves.
Significantly, both companies had previously refused to include deterrents because they said they didn't work, despite having conducted no appreciable research on the efficacy of oil of mustard, allyl isothiocyanate (AITC), which is the material used with success by the Testor Corporation to curb the model airplane glue sniffing mania that hit the United States in the 1960s.
inter quae maxime veneranda est doctorum dignitas qua praeditos video viros eminentissimos, eruditione admodum insignes ac proprios praceptores conspicio, quibus, siquid in hac juris utriusque professione profecerim, acceptum refero libenter, quorum eruditione fretus ausus sum licentiae gradum ab utriusque juris professoribus petere quorum sincaeros [sic] animos testor si quid in horrendo ac tremendo illo examine commisserim, quo cujusquam virulentum animum provocarem, nisi quod [36v] viderer juvenis admodum ad tantum munus in hoc cel ebratissimo gymnasio consequendum.
Half of the population was marked with a dot of Testor's enamel paint (The Testor Corporation, Rockford, Illinois) on each elytron, leaving their elytra free and enabling flight; the other half was marked with a single dab of paint, which covered the tips of both elytra, gluing their elytra shut and preventing flight.
The subject of public procurement is the supply of 17 units of compressors for filling of pressure bottles with breathing automatics with accessories 1 pc Testor for static and dynamic testing of respiratory valves and pressurized suits and 16 pieces of Testor for static testing of respiratory automatics.
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