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They demanded of the provincial government to ease the conditions set in tender policy of Text Book Board so that the bidders of KP could take part in tenders adding that otherwise thousands of workers affiliated with printing business would become jobless.
LAHORE -- The Punjab government has ordered to withdraw text books of geography for 8th class students from market after it was found the text contain maps of Saraikistan and Hazara.
If every school in Dubai could donate the money raised from their book week in 2013 to the children in Mfuwe, we could provide English text books and reading books to most of the schools in one year.
As always Steven put in some text book tackling, keeping the opposition at bay.
FK3 subsequently published and disseminated this gender-sensitive text book in 2001.
As a researcher in strategy and related areas, one suggestion is to include the Internal and External factor analysis matrices in the strategy analysis section off the text book.
A RETIRED geography teacher who sold a record number of school text books has mapped out a new direction in his writing with a book about a Northumberland village.
With new A level specifications due to be introduced in 2008, my intention is to write a much-needed A level Geology text book that ties together the background theory and practical application of the subject, allowing the beginner to quickly progress to the interpretation of rocks in the field.
This claims to be a twenty-first century text book on research writing, addressing twenty-first century research issues and the particular challenges involved.
Shea, it is absolutely reasonable for all Catholics graduating from our high schools to assume that Adam and Eve never existed: just check our grade nine religious text book sanctioned by the CCCB.
However, as a text book, its usefulness could lie in its specification-like left brain approach, and in the student assignments provided.