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The primary reason that people are not interested in text messaging and cellular calls relates to their fellow passengers' usage.
For most people, cell phones, e-mail and text messaging are an integral part of how they communicate with one another and an ideal channel for health care professionals to reach patients with important reminders on taking their daily medications or even applying sunscreen, "said Dr.
The word is out about text messaging to cell phones, which explains why more companies are jumping on board.
If the use of text messaging was popular hundreds of years ago, the lexicon of literature would have a much different look.
But over 90 per cent of British males have lied about where they are when text messaging, and 15 per cent of women confess they have dumped their partner via text messages.
At the same time, the cell phone and text messaging dominate the teenage communications landscape.
The simplicity of text messaging combined with sophisticated automation scripts on our platform makes it easy for companies to use text messages for sales," stated John Brogan, CTO of Global IntelliSystems.
While text messaging often is used by businesses to communicate stock quotes and meeting arrangements to their employees or to let actors know their call times, students from junior high to college are the most frequent users of the medium.
Text Messaging Donations Another Example How Wireless Technology Having Impact
Forty percent of wireless phone users used text messaging in October 2006, up from 35 percent in May 2006, according to The NPD Group.
The system is sophisticated enough to translate commonly used text messaging expressions such as "LOL".
The 18 Year Old Once Again Sets the Record for Fastest Text Messaging, This Time During Cricket's Launch Festivities in Portland, Oregon