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NEW YORK, April 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Text-messaging technology leader DOTGO today announced the launch of its much-anticipated web-based publishing suite, allowing all 100 million Internet domains to take advantage of text messaging, the world's most powerful and direct marketing medium.
Unlike traditional voice-based support, text messaging enables agents to simultaneously support multiple consumer interactions, which increases agent productivity.
Kvedar, associate professor of dermatology at Harvard University Medical School in Boston, presented findings of his study that showed text messaging reminders were effective in improving sunscreen usage.
The college's own internal studies on text messaging and cell phones convinced Downing to focus his new program most on incoming freshmen.
Thank goodness, William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens weren't alive to see text messaging.
Text messaging provides management the ability to notify a resident of special events, rules, greetings or service situations such as; "Rent is due on the 5th," or "No hot water on Monday, boiler repair," or "Welcome to the property.
Revolution Messaging founder Scott Goodstein, who helped President Obama use text messaging to remind voters to vote in 2008, said that every election brings new ways to get out the vote, but it also brings rise to new ways to suppress voters too.
Text messaging provides a direct line to the prospect, something that e-mail can't always be relied upon to do, she adds.
I bought it for no specific reason - I like toys,'' said Abrahimian, manager of A&M Wireless in Woodland Hills, who mainly uses it for its phone, text messaging and chess game, and its dictionary and thesaurus when he's at school.
The simplicity of text messaging combined with sophisticated automation scripts on our platform makes it easy for companies to use text messages for sales," stated John Brogan, CTO of Global IntelliSystems.
SAN ANTONIO, May 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Frost Bank today introduced the addition of text messaging (SMS) services to its already highly popular Frost Mobile banking services.
While text messaging often is used by businesses to communicate stock quotes and meeting arrangements to their employees or to let actors know their call times, students from junior high to college are the most frequent users of the medium.