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This is a good start, but we need to get over the idea that education is somehow about textbooks.
Japanese-language textbooks contained 56 errors, the most of all the subjects, followed by 32 in civic studies textbooks and 20 in English-language ones.
John Shea's review of the Grade 12 textbook In Search of the Good (C.
The cost of textbooks as well as supplies as a percentage of tuition and fees varies for first-time, full-time, degree-seeking students by the type of institution attended--72 percent at 2-year public institutions, 26 percent at 4-year public institutions, and 8 percent for 4-year private institutions.
The textbooks will be used at a total of 12 municipal junior high schools, with a combined 2,300 students, for four years beginning in the next school year starting April 1, 2006, local government officials said.
Textbooks prepared for students of American history have a predictable format, one that has been shaped and honed by years of experience.
A: Anything that can break down the bulk adoption of textbooks by states would certainly help.
Because Texas is so heavily populated, textbooks used there often end up in other states as well.
Finally, the main problem, why argumentative knowledge construction is no significant component of daily instruction, comes from the fact that instruction is based on textbooks and other media (e.
MOST PEOPLE HAVE NEVER heard of Harold Rugg, even though, for a time, he was a leading author of American textbooks and millions of Americans read his work in school.
Aspects of history have been left out of school textbooks in many Asian countries, not only in Japan where a textbook sparked protests from neighboring countries, the U.
A history textbook for junior high school pupils written by a group of nationalist scholars on Wednesday failed to accomplish its goal of a 10% share of all history textbooks, as the deadline for education councils to report their book choices to prefectural education boards expired the same day.