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8) Gregory Thaumaturgus, "To Theopompus, on the Impassibility and Passibility of God," in The Fathers of the Church, vol.
For instance, Basil of Cappadocia lauded the remarkable number of conversions in the ministry of Gregory Thaumaturgus ("wonder-worker"), a third-century missionary bishop in Asia Minor.
Michael Slusser's accurate and careful English translation brings together for the first time works ascribed to or associated with Gregory Thaumaturgus, the third-century bishop of Neocaesarea.
One of these, who became the fabled missionary in Cappadocia, Gregory Thaumaturgus.
39) For this expression see the letter to Gregory Thaumaturgus at Philocalia 13.
In fact, the earliest reference to legal instruction in the city comes from a native of Cappadocia, Gregory Thaumaturgus.
Gregory of Neo-Caesarea (also called Gregory Thaumaturgus that is "the miracle worker"), In Origenem oratio panegyrica, 6 (PG 10, 1093A).