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The Blitz quickly replied, Henry Weaver with a 75-yard run for a touchdown to make it 14-6.
MEMORY: Volunteer Danny Murphy drives a 1934 Morris Commercial Fire Engine at the head of the procession from Bootle Town Hall to the commemoration service at Kings Gardens, left Pictures: ANDREW TEEBAY RESCUE: Volunteer Dave Mullins in period National Fire Service uniform and, left, Eddie Kelly, 81, who survived the Blitz
Guided walk around the city to see how the war affected the architecture of the city and the lives of those who lived through the Blitz.
Williams, who served as the Director of Administration for the Cincinnati Business Incubator prior to joining Fifth Third, is responsible for the marketing and publicity of the BLITZ plan.
The Blitz gathered and ran into the end zone from the Warriors' 20-yard line for the score, with the conversion successful making the score 7-0 Blitz.
Other events planned for the runup to the evening include a 70th anniversary morning service at the cathedral, which will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4, the presentation of the Coventry International Peace Prize, talks by local people who survived the Blitz, and for families there will be 1940s activities at Coventry Transport Museum and The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum.
UCLA's defensive line allowed 634 yards rushing in two weeks, and has one sack, which has necessitated the blitz packages.
Take to the field with top players from each of the 32 NFL teams, play in all 31 NFL stadiums and battle fantasy bosses from the Gauntlet at the Blitz Coliseum.
Even a web search on "blitz" highlights London, and not the blitz on Wales.
IT WAS 70 years ago this month Liverpool was starting to come to terms with the terror of the Blitz.
Mike Logan, aged 75, is supporting a call by Blitz expert Trevor Harkin - reported in the Telegraph last week - for an incorrect sign at the Blitz memorial communal grave at London Road cemetery to be changed.
The blitz is done very quickly through the hole created by the down lineman slanting one way or the other.