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Malcolm (Amir Mitchell-Townes ) and Tracie Booker (Kaci Walfall) got themselves into trouble by getting mixed up with the Brotherhood gang and their money.
The statement was also critical of Cameron's decision to appoint the UK's ambassador to Saudi Arabia as the leader of the probe, given the fact that KSA declared the Brotherhood a terrorist organization earlier this year.
He said that any member of the Brotherhood who renounced violence and gave up membership in the organization was welcome to engage in political action and join the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.
However, the two sides continued to quarrel throughout their time in office until the moderates concluded that working within the Brotherhood was a waste of time, given their substantial internal disagreements.
The authorities blame the Brotherhood for a series of militant attacks that have hit Egypt, a claim the group strongly denies.
The government has blocked assets of more than 1130 non-government organizations linked the Muslim Brotherhood and appointed staff to supervise the learning in the 137 Brotherhood schools," Minister of Social Solidarity Ahmad Al-Borei said in a press conference to announce the government's decision to the declare the Brotherhood a terrorist organization.
The Brotherhood has been the target of a draconian security crackdown since the military toppled Islamist president Mohammad Mursi in July.
The defense of the Muslim Brotherhood's case in Egypt suffers from a fundamental flaw in dealing with the situation that has resulted from the removal of one of its leading figures, Mohamed Morsi, from the presidency, and from the army assuming the management of a political roadmap from which the Brotherhood has excluded itself.
But now the army-led government and its supporters regard the Brotherhood as a terrorist group and enemy of the state.
The ruling ratchets up an intensifying crackdown on the Brotherhood since the army's July 3 overthrow of Morsi.
The Brotherhood emerged from the shadows to win parliamentary and presidential elections after veteran autocrat Hosni Mubarak was overthrown in 2011.
In a TV interview this week on Al Hurra, Tamim also claimed the recent trouble in Egypt showed a connection between Al Qaeda and the brotherhood.