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The First Lady (30), for example, was reputed as the mastermind and defacto leader of the cabal.
Suspicion was rife in some quarters that the cabal forged the signature of the president in order to raise enough money to fund the invisible presidency project and enrich the personal pursues of core members of the cabal.
These elements added new dimensions to the activities of the cabal.
The Ministry of Justice and office of the Attorney General of the Federal (AGF) were both cornerstones of the cabal.
In order to sustain the struggle, the cabal at times relied on security breaches.
The fact that some key figures of the cabal were present at the airport, including Adamu Aliero, the FCT Minister and General Murktar, the National Security Adviser (NSA), is further testimony.
This was not totally unexpected, given that the dramatis personale in the cabal were of northern extraction.
Given the grave consequences of the activities of the cabal for the corporality of Nigeria and its democratic development, the opposition was once again united to fight the cabal to a standstill.
The SNG was one of the leading opposition groups that engaged and precipitated the collapse of the cabal.
The SNG embarked upon an aggressive media and publicity to sensitise and mobilize Nigerians to join it in rescuing Nigeria from the jaws of the cabal (49).
Nigerians should rescue the nation from the cabal of reprobate gangsters, extortionists and even political murderers responsible for some of the assassinations we"ve witnessed in Nigeria in the last 10 years .
The public outrage by ex-President Obasanjo, against popular condemnation that he imposed an infirm person on the country, also contributed to the weakening of the cabal.