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Protest rallies and demonstrations across the Valley and in all the capitals of the world has knocked at the sleeping conscience of the civilized world including the superpowers and the United Nations Organizations to pay heed to screams and cries of the poor Kashmiris who are having a tough time under the torturous military clampdown in the Valley.
That is the real challenge to the civilized world in the early part of the 21st century.
Al-Qaeda and its minions have vowed to destroy the civilized world.
It is what the civilized world is now fighting, but we euphemistically call it "terrorism.
As such, we may be closer to the end of this problem than most people think Electricity is still the best bargain in the civilized world, but blowing it off into the night sky has always been folly.
The depopulation of the civilized world due to abortion, contraception, and sexually transmitted disease is never alluded to or admitted.
Or is Gingrich correct, with the civilized world, beginning with Israel, at serious risk from the whims of a madman perhaps as early as by the end of this decade?
For my part I fed fortunate to have had shared such an experience with a great group of fellow homos, and I'm ready to take on the civilized world with renewed gusto--plus a few minor cuts and scrapes.
Muller and Bloomfield fall in love while saving the civilized world from crazies.
Defeating these very real threats remain an imperative for our nation and the civilized world.
Where most see concrete as impractical, the skater relishes the fact that without the modernization of the civilized world he would not exist.
Naval Academy Vice President Dick Cheney said the United States "will not allow" terrorists to threaten the civilized world.