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It is all too common that students can earn a master's degree in business administration without ever having been taught even the most basic concepts of the co-op business model.
What I think [REBNY and CNYC] are attempting to do is to create some uniformity and an educational tool for some of the co-op boards out there.
In a bid to remain in the two-bedroom unit in the Pensa Co-operative Housing Association, Elizabeth Hansen petitioned the court to overturn an eviction notice from the coop's Board of Directors, saying she has the right, as a beneficiary of her late mother's interest in the co-op, to continue to occupy the two bedroom residential unit.
67) According to leaders of the co-op movement, mothering should be part of a varied life.
Derochers says that as more and more exhibition opportunities for independent films dry up in Canada, an international outlook will become more important for the co-op.
The co-op retained Arthur Young & Company to perform its 1981 audit.
This step builds on the substantial investments we've made in digital pattern recognition technology, and of course the heavy customization that clients need in the co-op space is easy for us, because we've been a custom shop since day one.
Talk to members directly--in the co-op store when they buy supplies, at a co-op plant or elevator when they deliver crops, on their farms when co-op field representatives visit, at co-op meetings, etc.
Over 225 individuals associated with the CO-OP movement, ranging from CO-OP developers, CO-OP employees, vendors, health policy experts, and health reform advocates are gathered to discuss the most important issues facing health insurance CO-OPs and the health reform movement at large.
Co-ops typically took on long-term mortgages, but as pricing in the real estate market has gone steadily up, the size of those loans have come to constitute a far smaller percentage of what the co-op buildings are worth, meaning also that the risk associated with making such loans has dropped.
Farmland's fall has more to do with governance and management issues than with the co-op business model.
The tenant-shareholders own shares in the co-op; the co-op owns the apartment building; the tenant shareholders' stock ownership entitles them to lease a specific apartment unit from the co-op; and the tenant-shareholders pay monthly rent (maintenance) to the co-op.