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COMMONWEALTH, government. A commonwealth is properly a free state, or republic, having a popular or representative government. The term has been, applied to the government of Great Britain. It is not applicable to absolute governments. The states composing the United States are, properly, so many commonwealths.
     2. It is a settled principle, that no sovereign power is amenable to answer suits, either in its own courts or in those of a foreign country, unless by its own consent. 4 Yeates, 494.

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The George Cross is the highest civil decoration of the United Kingdom, and also holds, or has held, that status in many of the other countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.
Cricket, which has had a broad impact on popular culture, both in the Commonwealth of Nations and elsewhere, will help students of the Kingdom's schools to boost their cultural links, said Mirza.
HER Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, queen of the United Kingdom and Northern Island and head of the Commonwealth of Nations, arrived here last Thursday on a state visit that coincides with the Sultanate's year-long jubilations and celebrations marking its 40th National Day.
Press clippings, caricatures, photographs and a variety of other documents will highlight the progress of the Commonwealth of Nations and focus on India's ties with this association of old British colonies, which was created by the London Declaration of 1949.
The speech to the 192 member states in New York will have the themes of leadership and the evolution of the UN and will also touch on the Commonwealth of Nations.
The baton's journey symbolises the unity and shared ideals of the Commonwealth of nations, and enables communities beyond the host city to share the Games celebrations.
Although Queen Elizabeth II is only the titular or nominal head of state of these countries, constituting 30 percent of the fifty-three member states of the Commonwealth of Nations, of which she is also the titular or nominal head, the position of head of state evokes a yet to be completely historicized colonial memory and an importunate present colonial reality.
The medal, which will be awarded to members of the Canadian Forces or allied armed forces for extreme bravery, pays tribute to the original British Victoria Cross, which was awarded to members of armed forces in the Commonwealth of Nations.
And the DUP's Jeffrey Donaldson and Alliance's Sean Neeson urged the South to also return after 58 years to the Commonwealth of nations.